3 Essential Ways to Rock Your Heart on Your Sleeve!

We are all familiar with the saying, “Don’t wear your heart on your sleeve.”  Usually, when someone gives this advice, he or she is trying to be helpful, guiding us to refrain from open display of our emotions. According to various resources, this idiom first appeared in Shakespeare’s play, Othello, written in 1604. Iago states […]

Good Lighting

We’re a few weeks in to 2015—How’s it working out for you? At our house, we finally took down our Christmas lights and garland and put them away. I found myself reflecting on advice I’d heard New Year’s resolutions—which ones to make, how to make them, and even whether one should make them at all. […]

This Boob Has Important Lessons to Share

  Five years ago, a small sign signaled a ginormous change coming my way. When I discovered a small, painful lump under my right arm I assumed that I had mastitis and went to see my obstetrician for a solution. As a tired mom with a nursing fourteen-month-old and a five-year old child, I didn’t […]

Suspending Disbelief

Summer has passed us by unbelievably fast. As I stand at the threshold of Fall, I am still waxing nostalgic for the days of little to no schedules, constant piles of wet towels from trips to the swimming pool and late nights arguing and giggling over board games as a family. Also, I find it […]


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