Anitra Richardson is passionate about inspiring you to be the best possible you. Being the best you is all about what you wear on the inside. It’s about wearing the glow from your inner light. When we are able to tap in to our personal light, we connect with God. In this connection, we become our authentic, beautiful selves, our intended “beingness” can’t help but radiate to the surface!

As we walk in our own authenticity, life choices become second nature. Choosing the right job, the right partner, the right path for you can come only from inside of you, from guidance by your inner light, your connection with God, Universe, Spirit. I discovered this when in the midst of a health crisis. As a busy, young professional, wife and mother I came face to face with an advanced stage of breast cancer. This was a huge wake up call that I had become pinched off from this vital connection with God. Currently, I  am working on a book about my healing journey. Additionally, I enjoy blogging about my personal inner light experiences right here. As an inner light muse, I want to share and provide resources and my personal observations (all Divinely inspired and provided)  to help you to connect with your inner light. Come explore and be inspired to connect with Spirit and become the most divine you. Shine on!

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