As we walk in our own authenticity, life choices become second nature. Choosing the right job, the right partner, the right path for you can come only from inside of you, from guidance by your inner light, your connection with God (Universe, or Spirit). I discovered this when in the midst of a health crisis. As a young professional, wife and mother, I came face to face with an advanced stage of breast cancer. This served as a wake up call when I had become pinched off from my vital connection with God and was missing the mark of who I was intended to be and become.

Currently, I am working various manuscripts inspired by my healing journey. Additionally, I feel called to be an “inner light muse” and shares my personal epiphanies that arise from living my life. My desire is to provide inspiration through these personal reflections (all Divinely inspired) to enkindle your inner light. Come explore and re-ignite your connection with Spirit and become the most divine you.

Shine on!

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