One Key Summer Essential for A Better You!

Go Easy on You

If there is one thing that will benefit you the most this month, it’s this message:


As I count down the final ten days of my children’s school year, I can’t but help feel overwhelmed. At this time of the year, there are so many choices and options to participate in and commitments to follow-through on to bring a fun and exciting conclusion before we kick off the summer.

I was so overwhelmed that last week, I forgot the hummus and pretzels for my kids’ school teacher/faculty appreciation breakfast. It was on my calendar. I had the items in the refrigerator. The morning of the event, I was in a blur of getting kids to school and making it to my morning workout group, I just blanked!

Try as I may, some things fall through the cracks. Some obligations, some commitments and some day-to-day activities just aren’t going to happen. My first impulse is to say something along the lines of “I’m so (insert your favorite personal criticism). In the example above, I think I muttered, “Oh, I am such a ninny!” I even notice this same impulse in many of my friends. We slip easily in to the mode of putting ourselves down: We say things about ourselves like “I’m disorganized!” or “I’m so bad at remembering.” And so it goes. Often times, we are not even aware of this subtle habit.

When I ran in to an acquaintance at the grocery store, I wanted to say hello and I could not remember her name. Instead of pretending to not see her, I called out to her, “Hello! I am so drawing a blank on your name!” She laughed and I laughed. We had a conversation about name recall and immediately, she lamented, “I am so bad about remembering names!” I was right there with her and then instead, I said, “Go easy on yourself!”

Most of us operate with the very best intentions. We want to be helpful, we want to present our best work, and we want to be a good parent, spouse and friend. I would not hesitate to be supportive when my friends’ make a mistake. Feeling remorse and admitting I dropped the ball is okay. I learn from mistakes and try to do better next time. However, let’s stop the negative self-chatter. Remember, one mistake or a few mistakes does not define who you are as a person. Be your own best friend. Be your own advocate. The next time you drop the ball, give yourself unconditional love and “go easy on you.” Affirm that you will do better next time. Rather then getting bogged down in our mistakes, that one action will go a long way to help liberate you and enable you rise to the occasion next time.

Shine on!

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