Sending Light to #Orlando

The boy and angel

I have been quietly meditating and praying about the tragic incident of Orlando, the death of Cristina Grimmie and the political vitriol regarding our presidential candidates being spewed about in the news and on social media. It’s like a bad car accident, we stand there gawking. It’s hard to look away. In a time when we need to be mourning the lives of the innocent and looking leadership that will elevate our country and serve as a beacon of goodness for others, the hate is palpable.

Hate. Darkness stuffed with fear, stuffed down so compactly, waiting to be detonated. Ignited by fury, hate explodes to damage everyone including the one who harbors the excessive fear. It cannot be banished, ignored, imprisoned, or controlled to resolution. These types of efforts only serve to feed the monster.

Fear can only be transmuted, cleared and released through healing. Once we begin to heal the fear, we begin to change the world for the better. The key to healing the fear is love, pure unconditional love. Fear can only happen in the dark because it is closed, fortressed and a lie. Fear convinces us that we are separate, pinched off, on our own. Love takes more courage because it is open, vulnerable and honest. Love convinces us that we are connected, open and together. When love is introduced to fear, it shines a light. In this light, fear has nowhere to hide.

Emotions are part of our human experience. Sadness, anger, and even fear are all valid reactions to the tragedies we face. The discord we feel can perpetuate more negative emotion that can lead us to darkness. Even so, the light is always there. Now more than ever, we must choose to be the light.

Each of us plays a role, each of us is responsible for feeding the reciprocity that will lead us further in to darkness or toward the light. It is our light that helps overcome darkness when we make the choice to be a light rather than to be a part of the darkness. What will you choose to feed today: the darkness or the light?

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