Time to Wake Up!

Now that many of us are being forced to stay inside, it is an opportune time to go inside our hearts. It’s time to recognize that peace, dependent upon external circumstances is an illusion. If you knew you could change that, would you continue to live in the illusion?

My most liberating moment was when I realized peace is an inside job. The state of the world, the President, the political parties, the economy, my job, my degree, my community sentiments, my frenemies or friends’ opinions, my family’s beliefs and imprint, none of these are responsible for my peace.

It’s hard to accept this because often we have been programmed from a young age to perceive life within a very limited framework. Mostly, this is intended to keep us safe. Unfortunately, it also makes us live life on a very small scale. Often times, hanging our hat on external forces is a convenient excuse to convince us to stay small and asleep or trapped in an imaginary prison.

The truth is that the journey from external to internal awareness, to become awakened is hard work: going deep and facing our personal monsters and/or fears is a terrifying thing. Although one can decide to just voluntarily walk this path, many do so when a destructive life event has introduced itself in to our lives: a death, a job loss, a loss of a loved one, a potentially fatal illness. How profound that this is exactly what is happening to so many people at one time all over the world!

To awaken at first can feel like a walk through hell when we realize how we have hurt others but mostly how we have hurt our own soul when our eyes are opened to the truth. The truth that one sees is that fear, a human instinct, generates larger than life emotional obstacles. They are all just an illusion: something that doesn’t exist by allowing ignorance or darkness to play with your mind.

However, to make the journey of awareness terrifying as it is, is worth the freedom from illusion. You will be free to experience the miracle of seeing a situation in a new way which leads to transformation; you will see your ability to TAKE ACTION to change the essential essence of a situation within yourself for the better not only for you but the world.

When we are able to make changes from within, we reconnect with our own soul, our creative life force, our inner light. This internal power is stronger than any external power (like status, credentials, material possessions and so on…). Also, it feels like home. It feels like peace. Once you experience this, no person or circumstance can take this away from you. As a matter of fact, you will want to pass it on and that’s how we heal the world.

Now that we are being forced to go inside, are you ready to wake up?

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