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Grateful for Bicycles, Cheetah-Print Flats, Spoons and My Barbie: A Remedy for Coping with Now

As I woke up, I could hear the sigh of cars on shuttling drivers on their way to their early morning commitments. A few birds chirped outside my window welcoming the rays of sun rising up into the sky. I stretched for a moment and gave thanks for the calm and I prayed that others […]

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Bad Moms, Good Moms, and Burnt Toast

In the glass door of the studio, I could see the ghost image of my reflection staring back at me as I huffed through a series of triceps curls during a Pilates boot camp class. I focused on my feet: wide and angular around my bunions, thanks to poor shoe choices when I was younger. My […]

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This Boob Has Important Lessons to Share

  Five years ago, a small sign signaled a ginormous change coming my way. When I discovered a small, painful lump under my right arm I assumed that I had mastitis and went to see my obstetrician for a solution. As a tired mom with a nursing fourteen-month-old and a five-year old child, I didn’t […]

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