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Save Me The “Sad Back-Story”

I am dedicating this blog to my son who turned 12 yesterday. Several months ago, he said some very wise words for an 11 year-old that I want to share in this story. We were having a busy family day. My children were tired and acting out. I was feeling inadequate. At some point, my […]

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I Need To Get This Off My Chest

On October 12, 2010, I rang the bell at MD Anderson at the conclusion of my medical treatment for breast cancer. It’s hard to conceive that this event is five years behind me. Yesterday, I had the chance to share my personal testimony with a room full of woman at my mom’s bible study. It […]

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One Key Summer Essential for A Better You!

I was so overwhelmed that last week, I forgot the hummus and pretzels for my kids’ school teacher/faculty appreciation breakfast. It was on my calendar. I had the items in the refrigerator. The morning of the event, I was in a blur of getting kids to school and making it to my morning workout group, I just blanked!

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