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If Resist Doesn’t Fit, Wear Your Insist

Recently I wore a pair of designer shoes, plum and orchid colored mules, from a high shelf in my closet. I remember when I purchased them. It was back in the spring of 1998. I bought them to go with my dress for a wedding. They were and still are gorgeous. Eventually, they were no […]

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What to Wear for A Resurrection

We were all dressed in white. On a recent morning, I sat next to two other mothers during our children’s chapel┬áservice during which my daughter and her other peers were reading a Psalm. For a moment, I let myself be amused by the outdated notion that one shouldn’t wear white, especially white shoes, after Labor […]

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Grateful for Bicycles, Cheetah-Print Flats, Spoons and My Barbie: A Remedy for Coping with Now

As I woke up, I could hear the sigh of cars on shuttling drivers on their way to their early morning commitments. A few birds chirped outside my window welcoming the rays of sun rising up into the sky. I stretched for a moment and gave thanks for the calm and I prayed that others […]

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