If Resist Doesn’t Fit, Wear Your Insist

Recently I wore a pair of designer shoes, plum and orchid colored mules, from a high shelf in my closet. I remember when I purchased them. It was back in the spring of 1998. I bought them to go with my dress for a wedding. They were and still are gorgeous. Eventually, they were no […]

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My Faded 501s

I yielded to my inquisitive nature and explored Granny’s house. Peering in cabinets and drawers, I discovered endless treasures and oddities, like a small capsule of liquid containing my Granny’s gall stones removed by a previous surgery. My most favorite objet trouvé: Grandpa Vince’s faded Levi’s 501s.

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To Find Yourself, You Must Rome Alone

The FaceBook status of my dear friend posted: “…traveling to Rome, Italy.” Excited for her, I put the phone down and went tuck my daughter in for the night. As I snuggled next to her, I began to reminisce about my first trip to Rome.

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